Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mass Readings 1/26/12

II Timothy 1:1-8

One thing that seems to happen again and again in the New Testament and in the history of the Church is that conversions, especially those leading to great saints, very often are the result of many pains and efforts by others.  Timothy's mother Eunice and his grandmother Lois were both Christians.  As Paul only mentions these two, I assume that his other ancestors weren't.  What must it have been like for these two women to live with pagan husbands and, perhaps, to see most of their children follow paganism?  

I'm currently reading through Story of a Soul by St. Therese de Lisieux, and she too is surrounded by faithful Christians.  Not only her parents, but her four older sisters as well supported her, and later on so did her uncle, aunt, and two cousins.  Her teachers were fond of her, as were the priests and the bishop.  She mentions that she even prayed to her four siblings who died in infancy, as they would be holy innocents and therefore be with God in heaven.  She often mentions that, with her temperament, she might very well have turned out rotten had it not been for all these graces.  I need to take stock of the many blessings of my life and regard them as far more important than whatever troubles I have had.

Lord, You choose who You will, and yet it is so hard to be a Christian unless one is surrounded by good witness.  Help me to recognize and appreciate the blessings of my life, to be a helper to those around me, and to seek the assistance of not only the Church on earth but the Church in heaven as well.

Luke 10:1-9

 "Make straight the way of the way of the Lord."  Just as the Old Testament prophets and John the Baptist helped pave the way for the Messiah by preparing God's people for the Incarnation, the 72 disciples sent out here were sent out to let those in distant towns and villages know of His arrival.  These disciples were sent to sow the Good News, but were probably not going to be able to teach much of the faith or be the ones to reap converts themselves.  For us today, we are also often sent out to those who have yet to hear the gospel in a way they can understand.   Are we willing to trust that God will watch over us and leave many of the worldly things we think we need behind?

Lord, help me to trust in you.  When opportunities arise to share Your gospel, help me to be knowledgeable, wise, and able to truly reflect Your Grace.


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