Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It'd Be Tempting to Call It Vera

This is exactly what I'm looking for to use as a home defense gun.  A .300 AAC Blackout AR-15 that will take a suppressor inside the rail and come pre-assembled.  I've put together a few ARs, but for something this important I think I'd prefer it to be done by the professionals.

Here's what I'd been looking for:
AR Platform - It's simply a very ergonomic, easy to use platform.  Parts are easy to find, and the gun is easy to repair and maintain.  I can swap various spare parts that I already have.  Very importantly, I'm already familiar with the AR's manual of arms.  I can also swap the upper portion and either shoot with a full-length barrel or even shoot .223 caliber.
.300 AAC Blackout - This is a round that has the power of 7.62x39, the cartridge size of .223 (meaning I can use the magazines I already have), and which can be had at subsonic velocities without losing most of its power.
Short Barrel - I want to have a suppressor inside my rails, both to protect it and to keep the overall length of the gun short.  This gun will be used indoors, and 9" is enough for that.

Guns are loud without suppressors, and I don't want to sacrifice my hearing (and my family's hearing) if I should ever need to fire in defense. 

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