Monday, December 12, 2005

About the Problem of Evil

If you haven't noticed, I tend to think in spurts. Usually late at night.

It seems to me that the reason there's evil in the world is because God values us, and because of that He allows our actions to have consequences. If every time you messed up God fixed it right away, would your actions have any meaning? Imagine for a second that pencil erasers can erase crayon. Let's say you're with your daughter, and she's coloring a drawing for mommy. I see three options. You can guide her hand, so that the work is technically hers but is really yours. You can erase wherever she made a mistake and fill it in properly. Lastly, you can let her do what she wants, perhaps offering suggestions or guiding her hand a little as she struggles to stay in the lines. Which of these do you think mommy will appreciate most? Which expresses the daughter? Which is the daughter most likely to be proud of? Evil is allowed because to nullify it would mean that our actions are meaningless, as we can only do what God prescribes, rather than allows. Instead, God redeems our mistakes through His love and the sacrifice of His only Son. We still do wrong, and that wrong affects other people, but it will often be turned around to form a blessing as well. God loves us so much that He lets our actions mean something, but will also teach us to help Him clean up our mess.

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