Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Oh, Fantastic

Josh S and Mark Shea are two of the smartest blogger-theologians out there, and yet they recently got into a limp-wristed slap-fest in the comments section of a post where the Lutheran Josh S takes the Roman Catholic Mark Shea to task for Mark's assertion that it would be theoretically possible to have laywomen serve as Cardinals.

From there it rapidly goes downhill, but includes these highlights:

Mark: Your alarm clock didn't go off. Wake up! The 16th Century is over.
Mark: Some of us have bothered to educate ourselves and not simply salivate over acoustic cues.
Josh: I guess you don't need catechesis when you've got Invincible Ignorance covering for you and a sincere intent to believe as the Church teaches.
Mark: My interest lie elsewhere than in gratifying the polemical lusts of yet *another* unmarried guy with too much testosterone, limited social skills, and a desire to kick the living **** out of somebody for Jesus.
Josh: Knee-jerk insults beget knee-jerk insults. If he doesn't want me to stoop to that level, he shouldn't have in the first place.
Josh: Check your alarm clock, because the 16th century is over. People are now allowed to say stuff without being hauled before Cajetan.
Mark: Like I say, this has a lot more to do with being young unmarried males with a lot of aggression needing to kick somebody's *** for Jesus than it has to do with any sort of serious interest in serving Christ.
Mark: My advice: get married, have kids. Find a productive place to direct all that energy. You'll be fine in a decade or two.
Josh: I don't need to score any points for Team Luther, because you guys didn't even make the playoffs. Nu-uh, girlfriend, don't you play like that.
Josh: I think it says something when a church has to have a cadre of Professional Apologists to deal with snarky twentysomethings goofing off in their free time.

Or, summarized:
Josh: Mark is a close-minded sissy
Mark: Josh needs to get laid

Hopefully, they've each calmed down, but we'll see...

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