Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Maybe I'm Not the Only One

After reading TS O'Rama's account of a minor league game he recently attended, I was reminded of a belief I've held for a long time. Falling asleep is highly frowned upon, but shouldn't falling into a happy slumber be seen as a sign of high approval? If it's all about the performer's needs, then obviously they want you up and responsive. However, if it's about meeting the needs of the audience, then you need to realize that those needs vary. Some people just want relaxation, kind of like a massage. Others want to bond with other people. Some simply want someone to lay down beats so they can groove. Maybe the audience just wants to bask in the (temporal) glory of a Bono, Maya Angelou, or Michael Vick. The performer is being paid big bucks/attention because of a perceived ability on their part to meet the needs of their audience. It doesn't take fans long to learn whether the performer is there for them or if they're there for their performer (sorry, couldn't resist the trifecta just there).

This blog? Some of each. I like feedback, as it helps me learn, but I'm more interested in simply throwing out my ideas and seeing if people can use them and build on them. I think I fill the future-teacher Mid-Atlantic young adult male conservative unReformed non-denominational semi-Protestant Christian niche pretty well.

Random aside: I saw American Idol tonight for the first time this season (I really wish they'd change the name, though). Bo was by far the best tonight, though VonZell and Carrie did well, too. The Ukrainian teenager did okay, but wasn't a standout. He also came across a little weird, wanting for weeks to cover a Celine Dion song. Poor everyman Scott's getting booted this week. I dislike Constantine. He mugs for the camera, and his version of Nickelback's "This is How You Remind Me" was too clean for a song that's meant to be grungy and emotional. He kind of came across as a Bo-wannabe. I think it'll come down to Bo and VonZell, with VonZell winning due to greater pop appeal. If his band and songs are quality, though, I'd seriously consider buying one of Bo's albums.

Yes, the doctors diagnosed me as having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, why do you...hey, a bicycle!

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