Friday, February 18, 2005

Here I Stand. I Can Do No Other

Within a certain context, I have been officially forbidden from teaching a doctrine which I believe and which those overseeing me do not. This was done arbitrarily, without a hearing, and over a year after my views became known, during which I was officially endorsed as a teacher by these same people. Having now moved from inclination to certainty, I believe that I need to demand a hearing of my views by those officials. If they can convince me that I am mistaken, I'd gladly recant. However, if not, then I will need to remove myself as teacher within that organization, as it is essential that I be allowed to teach those things I believe and not be silenced. In the past, when I taught my views on this doctrine, I always included a disclaimer along the lines of "however, believing Christians do disagree on this issue." However, discussion is forbidden, and that's simply wrong.

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