Tuesday, October 05, 2004


This past Saturday, the unranked Virginia Tech Hokies shattered the national title hopes of the #7 West Virginia Mountaineers to the tune of 19-13.

It was sweet.

As you may remember, I went to the game in Morgantown last year, where the national title hopes of the #3 Virginia Tech Hokies were shattered by the unranked West Virginia Mountaineers. And do you know what? After Saturday, I still think WVU fans have the least class of any in college football. Empty whiskey bottles were thrown at the members of our Corps of Cadets after the game, and the bad blood continued. Currently, we're scheduled to play them one more time, at Morgantown in 2005, but there's serious talk of simply paying to cancel the game and schedule a home game against some minor team instead. It's simply not safe there. Last year, there was an attempt to kidnap some Tech fans and tape them to a couch which was about to be burned. Football fans should not have to fear for their lives when visiting an opposing school. N.C. State was here last week, and we got on like peas and carrots despite our losing 17-16. We've got a reputation as a fairly hospitable school to visiting fans.

I am a little worried, though, as several friends and I will be making the trek down to Miami for the December 4th game against the Hurricanes. Last time, some friends of mine who went reported that they were spat on and had things thrown at them from the upper levels. We're hosting Maryland this year, but I'm told that their fans would rival those of WVU. This is just stupid. It's only football. Despite our having a huge rivalry with UVA (aka Dopey Scissors University), I think both schools respect each other and no fan would ever be in danger of more than taunting at either place.

Having beaten WVU, Tech has taken possession of the Black Diamond Trophy. I say, let's cancel the game next year, never play them again, and keep the stupid thing for all time.

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