Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Not Dead

I just haven't had much to say, lately. I mean, the election's on, and I hope for the sake of just about anything I can think of that Bush wins. But, it's not the end of the world if he doesn't. Maybe an era of American history, but the world will go on. In Blacksburg, there are obviously a lot more Kerry signs and stickers than ones for Bush, but the number of Bush signs and stickers seems to be growing steadily. Also, I've noticed that a very large number of girls I know plan on voting for Bush. If they truly represent the college girl demographic, I think Kerry is in super-mega-huge trouble.

This Thursday's game against Georgia Tech will be the only game (other than possibly the bowl game) which I won't be attending this season. The band travelled (or will travel) to DC for the USC game and down to Winston-Salem for the Wake Forest game. I could make it to the game, as I don't have any classes this week after Thursday morning, but I don't know anyone else who could go, so what would be the point? Besides, I've already organized a road trip of ten Navigators (due to the laws of irony, we'll surely get lost along the way) to the Miami game in December. This weekend, I head home, as my grandmother will be turning 96 and my only uncle will be in town from Italy. Also, my dad's alma mater, VMI, will be the Homecoming fodder for the I-AA powerhouse JMU, where one of my sisters attends, this Saturday. My sister doesn't care about her football team, and so my parents and I aren't really sure what to do. I personally refuse to wear JMU gear, as every time we play them they try to cripple our Heisman candidates. My dad will of course wear VMI gear, and my mom is undecided and will probably opt for something neutral. I'll probably wear a Tech sweatshirt and cheer for VMI.

I've also started dating a girl I'd known extremely slightly for a while, but only started really talking to a few weeks ago. I think she's a lot smarter than I am. My sister at Radford is complaining that all the guys there ever talk about is football, and they spend all their time playing football outside or on their video game consoles. My parents assured her that this is the way of the world.

In any case, I'm recharging. I've also got a super-mega-huge amount of homework. Give me a week or so, and we'll see if things don't start picking up around here.

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