Saturday, September 11, 2004

I've Got A Fevah, And The Only Cure Is...

more cowbell Virginia Tech Football!

Be sure to check out the Western Michigan Preview over at Of course, one of the premiere sites for Virginia Tech athletic commentary is, but let's face it: all of Tailgate Fever's content is free, and it's a whole heck of a lot funnier.

Incidentally, we beat Western Michigan 63-0 today. We've played them for each of the past three years, and they have yet to score against us. They had three missed field goals today, though at least one, and possibly more were tipped. And, to be honest, we didn't deliberately run up the score. WMU played well; the problem was that whenever they made a mistake, it seemed to result in a Hokie touchdown. At least four of the touchdowns resulted directly from turnovers, we got a hand in on a punt or two of theirs, and several of our late scores were simply the result of our backups doing a great job. Personally, my favorite was when we tipped a pass, one of their offensive linemen caught it and was immediately swarmed by people from both teams, and in the confusion, one of our defensive linemen ran up to the outside and suddenly found himself with the ball. He looked surprised for a moment, as if to say "wait...this is the football...shoot!" before running it in for the score, unnoticed except possibly by one Hokie and one Bronco player several yards away. As he ran it in, he seemed to be shrugging, saying "heck, I'm not going to ask questions on this one!" I don't have anything against WMU, and in the end I have to admit that I was hoping they'd score so that we wouldn't have to shut them out. I don't know if we play them again, as they're from the MAC and we're now ACC, but I'd imagine that they're probably just about sick of playing us. The band played well; our show featured the Hokie Pokie and forming the "flying" VT logo and then flipping it. Our Freshmen didn't seem to get lost, and everyone had a good time. Next week we host Duke, in what is likely to be another blowout (if it's not, we're in some seriously deep trouble). After that, we host N.C. State, which I suppose could go either way, though we tend to do well against big-name teams who come to Lane Stadium (having beaten LSU, Texas A&M, and Miami in the past few years).

UPDATE: There are two things which I forgot to mention. First, this is apparently the third time the defensive lineman mentioned above, Jason Lallis, has scored. Sheesh! Also, before the game, we had a flyover by a B-52 bomber, which was awesome. In my five seasons in the band at Tech, I've seen flyovers by a B-1, a B-2, a B-52, several groups of fighters, and several demonstrations by the Army's Golden Knights parachute team.

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