Monday, July 05, 2004

Week in Review

(I've decided to start a policy where people I know offline are only to be identified by two of their initials, rather than their names, as I don't feel that I have the right to identify them otherwise.)

In case anyone was wondering, the reason I haven't blogged lately is that I'm now interning in Chester, PA. I picked up my friends EH and RMi in Woodbridge, VA, and drove up on Monday. We had a nice barbecue, where we met two of the other interns, CG and JM, with TS arriving that evening. I think it's safe to say that all six of us are very different. Still, we get along pretty well. CG and RMi are working with RG, one of the missionaries here, in community ministry in preparation for a new church plant in the Highland Gardens area of Chester, while the other four of us each have a class. This being the Fourth of July [extended] weekend, though, most people were gone, and so each of the four of us only had about three kids in our classes. Things went about as well as could be expected for a first day, especially once we managed to find a way to get power into EH's classroom so she could run her fans.

Also, this weekend I went to my first wedding, which was really nice. My friends ML and the former BC (now BL) were married in Waynesboro on Saturday. EH, RMi, and I drove over to Carlisle to pick up our friend MC, then on down to Virginia. Afterwards, they stayed with an older couple who were friends of BC's family, while I stayed at the local Holiday Inn with JG and JR. JG, JR, JR's fiancee RMc, and I had a good chat, though I think they may have each had a drink or two beforehand. Perhaps the oddest moment was when RMi asserted that girls always wear towels after coming out of the shower because, and I quote, "girls leak." I decided not to think about the implications of this, and our conversation moved on. After I went up to my room, I was joined by JR, and we had a nice long conversation. I don't have an older brother, and a lot of the stuff we talked about was the sort of stuff that was very good for me to hear and learn (he being a few years older than I am). The next morning, we headed back, dropped off MC, and got back to Chester. I was dead-tired by the end of it, as JR and I shared a queen-sized bed, and I kept waking up to find myself choosing between lying on a few inches of bed or being spooned. After I got back, we had a barbecue for Independence Day. Unfortunately, I had just woken up from a nap, and so I was pretty much out of it for the entire experience. I also think that something I ate had gone bad, as my stomach ached for a long while afterwards. I'm feeling better now, though; thanks.

I don't know how much I'll get to blog, but I'll try and do it at least once a week to give updates on my situation. Two prayer requests I have are for friends seeking jobs. The first is for RD, a guy I met at the reception who turns out to have been in the horn section of the marching band the year before I entered. He's moving up to New Hampshire with only a job interview, and so please pray that he can get that job and be closer to his wife's family. Also, JR is looking for a job in Blacksburg, as he and RMc are getting married in August and she still has one more year to go to finish her degree.

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