Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Status Report, Number One

Today was clean-up day in the Land O' Links. Sadly, several blogs have gone the way of the dodo, and are now listed under the RIP Blogs heading. Both Mark Butterworth and Matthew Edgar have returned from that status in the past, so it's not as though the situation is hopeless. Still, they will be missed. I've also cleaned up one or two cases where the page had moved or I'd mis-typed the URL (I don't usually use my own links, so it's rare that I find out that they're broken). I figure that with the recent retirements, I may have room for links to up to four more blogs, though I may take my time in adding them.

UPDATE: Protein Wisdom had been gone for so long that it wasn't even under the previous "Blogs On Hiatus" heading, though I'd been reading it since its reappearance. It's now resumed its rightful place on the Team Pants label.

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