Friday, June 04, 2004

Roman Catholics Aren't Going To Like This

But I think I've offered enough defense of Roman Catholicism in the past to be able to offer criticism without being deemed some unhinged Fundamentalist. The Bystander is right. He may be a very holy man, but the Pope is also a hypocrite. I obviously don't believe that the head of the Roman church is capable of speaking infallibly, and so I have no trouble believing that he can act fallibly as well.

It is not right that a man who knew and tolerated such widespread abuse over so many decades should lecture Americans over an isolated incident. Roman Catholicism owes the United States of America an apology. Bush should keep the Medal of Freedom for someone more worthy. And Bishop Wojtyla should keep his mouth shut unless he's willing to say Hail Marys and Our Fathers for the next few centuries. To Roman Catholics, I say that I regret that you have such a man as your leader. I had really thought him better than this.

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