Thursday, June 24, 2004

Just a Quick Note

I've mentioned before that I really like the anime Trigun, and have it on DVD. It's mostly PG, with a few forays into PG-13 (and perhaps R if you really think about it and are really paranoid). I'd been told that Cowboy Bebop was a good and similar series. Not being a huge fan of most anime but liking Trigun, this sounded good to me and so I went and got it on DVD as well. Um...let's just say that it's significantly more than PG. Whereas Trigun had some cleavage shots, a few suggestive scenes (Vash is in a room with several prostitutes but fakes sleep to get them to leave; in another scene, it's obvious that two of the characters slept together the night before; one character commits rape that isn't shown), and and the occasional bit of profanity, Cowboy Bebop is way past that. Every episode has some heavy-duty cussing, most of the young girls are wearing extremely little, there's occasional heavy drug use, and, in one scene, we see two naked guys in the act and covered only by a sheet. So let's just call this a warning. Trigun is really good, though perhaps a bit offensive to some. If you were even slightly offended by it, though, steer far clear of Cowboy Bebop.

UPDATE: Yes, HokiePundit is a sucker and inadvertantly bought bootleg copies of the two series by the Fx company. I should've known that $30 apiece was far too low of a price, but I was thinking that perhaps what turned out to be the legitimate versions were just overpriced collector's editions. So, I'm going to slowly piece together the Trigun series. Once I have the originals, there's no reason why I can't wear out the bootleg discs and leave the originals in peace. Drat.

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