Thursday, June 24, 2004

Back the Truck Up...

According to a FoxNews piece (which was likely written simply to stir controversy),

"Virginia may be trending in Kerry's direction, but the Yankee senator still has an uphill battle to win the state that was the heart of the Confederacy, some analysts say."

Pardon me? The "heart of the Confederacy?" Perhaps it was simply a slip of the tongue, and the author meant "friend-who-reluctantly-enters-fight-after-loudmouth-friend-gets-in-trouble of the Confederacy." That would probably make more sense. Even "capital of the Confederacy" would be accurate. Virginia may have contributed the best Confederate generals, the famed Army of Northern Virginia, the capital, the only major ironworks, the ports in Hampton Roads, and perhaps an air of legitimacy, but it certainly was not the cause or even an especially ardent supporter of the Confederacy.

That's okay, though. Most people who read that piece aren't from Virginia and probably don't know their Civil War history.

That said, Mark Warner is probably the smartest pick for Kerry. He's a Southern (*cough*yeahright*cough*) Democrat, he's a Governor rather than another Senator, and he's good with the media. Unlike Edwards, he probably won't steal the limelight. So, if the Democrats are smart, they'll ask Warner. More likely, though, they'll ask someone like New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson or Hillary Clinton (depending on how the polls are looking). We'll see. Of course, my fervent hope is that they ask Howard Dean or Al Sharpton, but I guess that's not going to happen...

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