Tuesday, June 22, 2004


I can't seem to get to bed at a decent hour anymore. I went to bed around midnight tonight, and yet I'm still up. If I'm lucky, I'll fall asleep around 4AM. I did yardwork and ran 4 1/2 miles today; I'm tired, but I can't get to sleep. I'm pretty sure it's because I've been thinking about something lately, and unfortunately it's something about which I can do very little at present, so I'm left to just examine it over and over. I think that what will ultimately be necessary is for me to pull an all-nighter (which I haven't done since Sophomore year) and then go to bed at a reasonable hour tomorrow evening; possibly with the help of a sleeping pill. I've been like this all summer, and I need to get into some sort of 11-7 sleep pattern before my internship begins next week. Prayers would be appreciated, that I could manage to get some sleep and that I could figure out the problem.

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