Tuesday, May 04, 2004

NCAA Football 2003 Update

The Virginia Anglican Bishops finish the season 11-1 and ranked #10, with a 24-0 victory over Oregon State in the Sun Bowl. I'm losing my starting QB, TE, FB, KR/PR, and best DT, so I'm hurting! Given that I use a mobile QB and throw a lot to the TE and run with the FB, I need a seriously good recruiting class!

UPDATE: Talk about being a glutton for punishment! This coming season, Virginia Anglican will play #1 Texas, #14 Colorado, #15 Washington, #16 Nebraska, #18 Notre Dame, #22 Virginia Tech, and #23 South Carolina. We'll close out our season against UVA. I could've also scheduled #3 Miami and #20 Boise State, but Miami didn't really fit my schedule and I can't bear playing on that stupid blue field again at Boise State. This is either going to be a seriously long season, or I'm going all the way.

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