Thursday, May 06, 2004

And the Competition Begins!

I've decided that it would be good to decide which of the albums I own is the best. All genres are competing against each other, though conceivably I may give out sub-awards. Quality will be decided not only be aesthetic appeal, but also message, status of the performer, and perhaps even things like cover art. Bands will be limited to one submission apiece, though solo albums can earn a separate spot. Not all my albums will be listed; only those which, in my view, are worthy of consideration. Let it begin!

Alpert, Herb and the Tijuana Brass: "Whipped Cream" (instrumental)
Ambassador- "Christology: In Layman's Terms" (Christian/hip-hop)
Audio Adrenaline- "Hit Parade" (Christian/pop)
Canadian Brass- "The Essential Canadian Brass" (instrumental)
Cash, Johnny- "American IV: The Man Comes Around" (country)
Catch-22- "Keasbey Nights" (ska/punk)
Cross Movement- "Holy Culture" (Christian/hip-hop)
DC Talk- "Jesus Freak" (Christian/pop)
Doctormanette- "The Same Thing Over and Over" (ska)
Eddie From Ohio- "Looking Out the Fishbowl" (folk/alternative)
Fountains of Wayne- "Utopia Parkway" (pop/alternative)
Gin Blossoms- "New Miserable Experience" (alternative)
Green Day- "Warning" (punk)
Hippos- "Heads Are Gonna Roll" (ska)
Insyderz- "Skalleluia" (Christian/ska)
Jesus Christ Superstar- "Original London Cast" (soundtrack)
Marching Virginians- "Gameday" (instrumental)
O.C. Supertones- "Supertones Strike Back" (Christian/ska)
Police- "Every Breath You Take: the Classics" (alternative)
Queens of the Stone Age- "Music for the Deaf" (rock/alternative)
Reel Big Fish- "Turn the Radio Off" (ska)
Relient K- "Two Lefts Don't Make a Right...But Three Do" (Christian/punk)
Rush- "2112" (rock/alternative)
Social Distortion- "Social Distortion" (punk)
Toasters- "T-Time/This Gun for Hire" (ska)
U2- "Greatest Hits: 1980-1989" (alternative)

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