Monday, April 19, 2004


The Fearsome Pirate is en fuego with this post on the Roman Catholic Church.

I think that anyone who's been reading my blog for a while and has a shred of sensibility know full well that I'm not anti-Rome. I do believe that they're mistaken on several issues, as are all the branches of Christianity with which I do not agree (duh). I think that the point where they really got into trouble was with this whole papal infallibility thing, as ex cathedra statements can't be revoked, and are embarrassing for them when they have to say that most of their clergy has been misinterpreting something for a while. Thus, though I do not agree with many of the Marian doctrines, I'm okay with other people believing them, since neither they nor I have any hard evidence. However, once it becomes dogma, then I am precluded from ever joining into communion with them. Similarly, I see no evidence for putting the Bishop of Rome above everyone else. I'm okay with the idea of him being "first among equals," like the Archbishop of Canterbury in the Anglican Communion, but I think anything beyond that is a misreading of Scripture.

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