Sunday, March 28, 2004

Problem Beyond My Ken

Apparently, my computer's cheese done slid off its cracker. Whenever I try and run Internet Explorer or click on anything on my Desktop, I get a message, before my application has launched, that it has committed an illegal operation and must shut down. Instead of my normal homepage, I get something along the lines of "res://thingy.dll..." and am told that Internet Explorer won't work. Now, things in my taskbar do work (except Quicktime, which may or not be related, but was finicky before). My virus scanner hasn't picked up anything, and I haven't gone rooting around deleting files, either. So far, all I've done is install the Opera browser (because MIE stopped working), tried to reinstall MIE (no luck), and added and removed a CD ripper demo (no idea if that has any connection). Netscape still works, sometimes, but it's a vastly inferior browser to MIE. I have no idea what to do, though conceivably my roommate may. I really hope the computer itself isn't FUBAR, but given that I've had it 3 1/2 years and most of my friends are already on replacements, I may have been living a charmed life. Now, I certainly wouldn't be happy about my computer being hosed, but I understand that it's a possibility.

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