Monday, March 29, 2004


I need to be careful, I think. I've got an opportunity before me that I know deep down I shouldn't pursue. While very attractive, it would only end up causing harm, and it would destroy another, more edifying opportunity that may or may not happen. So, any prayers for patience and discernment would be appreciated.

Unrelatedly (yes, I know I could put this in another post, but what would that accomplish?), I think I've hit on a way to make my praying better. In the past, I would either feel overwhelmed and generally fall asleep, or I'd be there for an hour or more, basically praying for everything and everyone I could think of, in detail. What occurred to me was to make seven categories of things, such as my family, Virginia Tech, Chester, the world, missionaries, etc. and pray for one of those categories every night. That way, all my praying gets done every week, and it's at a do-able level.

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