Saturday, March 20, 2004


I was talking with my mom about the "recent unpleasantness" in the Episcopal Church, and it occurred to me that this is being taken too seriously by many (most definitely including me). In the body of Christ, ECUSA isn't the heart. It's not the brain or hands, either, as much as the "if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off" idea appeals. No; denominations can't really rise above the level of spiritual tonsils/adenoids/appendix. I still have all three, and that vaguely pleases me. I mean, they help a little, and in the abstract I like having everything that I started out with, but if it came down to my adenoids or my life, the correct answer is "duh." However, when they get infected, as the Episcopal Church and many denominations have, it's time to excise them before they harm the essential parts of the body. Again, let's not delude ourselves: we're not talking about removing the lungs. If, say, the United Methodist Church were to up and disappear tomorrow, Christianity would continue on without too much trouble, though the loss would of course sting, and we'd be poorer for the loss. However, it wouldn't lead to the death of the Body of Christ. Remembering this will be good for me as I continue to consider what course to take.

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