Monday, March 29, 2004

Computer Update

Well, I learned a lot about computers today (and not just because my Computer Science for Liberal Arts class met today!), mostly out of necessity. It turns out that my computer had been the victim of the CoolWebSearch homepage hijacker, and with the help of my roommate and another friend, figured out how to fix it. Now, I knew about viruses and worms, but a homepage hijacker? What kind of sick person spends their time coding things like this? Sheesh. I figure I got it bundled with one of the freeware CD rippers I'd been using. As a result, I decided to simply buy WinAmp 5.0 Pro instead.

I also learned about the incredibly awesome (well, relative to computers, at least) System Configuration Utility, through which you can tell all sorts of worthless and annoying problems not to boot up with Windows! Yes, I too let out an ecstatic cry of joy!

I'm still working on convincing my browser to open Outlook Express rather than Netscape Messenger when I click on an email link. Though IE acknowledges that it is to open OE, like John Kerry, France, or Frank Griswold, it ignores this agreement and simply opens the Netscape tool instead.

So it turns out that my computer is back to working pretty well again. I still have no idea what ails QuickTime, but I'm not really sure I want to push my luck today. Maybe tomorrow.

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