Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Super Bowl

I was mildly hoping Carolina would win. They didn't. Ho-hum. Was it an exciting game? Yes, but I think the one I liked best was the Green Bay-Denver game. I wasn't really into football when the Redskins last won it, and we had a power outage starting mid-way into the St. Louis-Tennessee game (yes, the horror!). My view is skewed.

The commercials weren't all that great. I liked the NFL Channel one based on "Annie," the Homer one (I knew the old guy would get whacked!), the Mitsubishi one, Wrong Lipstick, and the Staples and 7-Up ones (I got there late, so I didn't see the earliest ones). The Marilyn Monroe Scot was just...ugh! I haven't been impressed with the commercials lately. To me, Super Bowl commercials need to be at least at the level of the Coors Light "Wingman." Other examples: the United Way series over the past few years, Snickers ShockZone, 1-800-Collect from a few years ago ("Great job, but who are the Chefs?"), Nissan "Danger Zone," the older Fosters series, Reebok's Terry Tate, the Nike football (Vick) and basketball ("Lay-up!") commercials lately etc. I liked Labatt's "Beer Me," too. Most of these weren't close.

However, the thing everyone has been talking about is the halftime show. I was generally bored by it. I didn't notice Janet Jackson exposing herself, as everyone in the room was busy talking amongst themselves instead of watching the show. We also noted that the songs were pretty old. Heck, some of the people there said they were Freshmen in high school when "Bahtwitdaba" came out. I think I was a Junior. I did think the "P. Diddy you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, P. Diddy" was kind of funny, too. However, my main thought was "you know, it would've been so much better if they'd just gotten OutKast instead." Think about it: you have Andre 3000 do "Hey Ya," followed by Big Boi and "The Way You Move." It would have been awesome. Oh well, perhaps in Super Bowl L...

(place your bets now on whether or not they'll actually call it "Super Bowl L")

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