Monday, February 16, 2004

Something Responsible?

I've recently (well, a few weeks ago) reached a conclusion: now's not a good time for me to try and date. It occurred to me that I wasn't really looking for a relationship, but just a "yes" when I asked someone out for the first time. I had been noticing that after I successfully asked girls out, my first response after the initial "yes!" was "man, I wonder if I actually have to go through with this?" That's messed-up thinking. I was hurting other people and ruining myself. So, I figured that the best solution is to simply stop until I can sort things out. Of course, knowing my luck, someone will probably become interested in me, which would be pretty annoying. I'm not interested in anyone right now, and the hope is to stay that way until I'm actually ready (asking girls to lunch doesn't count, since that's not meant to go anywhere).

Yes, I know that's fascinating information.

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