Friday, January 23, 2004


So I've survived my first week of classes. For those curious, I'm taking:
MASC 1044 Computer Science for Liberal Arts
GEOG 1104 Intro. to Physical Geography
ECON 2005 Microeconomics
PSCI 2056 World Politics and Economy
MUS 3314 University Symphony Band
HIST 5914 Comparative Race and Slavery

The first five are going to be fairly easy, and I'm taking them either to fulfill my core requirements or to meet pre-requisites for my Master's program. The History course is going to take a lot of work, especially reading. I had to buy fourteen books for it, and my professor wanted us to have read the first 440 pages of one of them by last Monday (I got back into town late on Saturday, so I ended up skimming...). The professor himself seems like a fairly decent guy, despite having gone to the other university in the Commonwealth. Oddly enough, I think I also have almost as many female teachers this semester as for the past seven semester combined. The Geography professor and the GTA instructor for MASC are both girls women chicks, as is my recitation leader for PoliSci. In band, I made first chair again, which is nice. My second chair is a grad student whom I haven't met before, while the third chair is a Freshman and the fourth chair hasn't played since high school. It should be interesting. However, we're playing "American Overture for Band," which I've played before and really like.

Incidentally, I'm sick of the gratuitous Bush-bashing by teachers here. At least twice in the past year, there's been a day where every single professor I had that day said something stupid (and usually ignorant) about Bush. Has Bush done some (maybe even a lot) of things wrong? Sure. Do you really think Gore would have done or any of the current candidates will do any better? I sure hope you don't. I also like it when people with deep country accents make fun of the way Bush talks, since they never realize how stupid it makes them sound. Also, the vote to halt the recount in Florida was decided by a margin of 7-2, not 5-4. It was the decision that the recount could not be completed in time that was close. You may also notice that in the 5-4 decision, the two George H.W. Bush appointees cancelled each other out. And, of course, when liberal papers such as the Washington Post and New York Times did their own recount, they discovered that, lo and behold, Bush won the majority of votes in Florida. So, for those who can't seem to keep their whiny traps shut about the past election, please at least learn your facts before shooting your mouth off.

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