Saturday, January 24, 2004

Sigh is a sad, sad site. Open any random file, and you'll see what I mean (I especially recommend "Christians in the Hood). Small mistakes are easily understandable, but when someone asserts that the majority of Christians share Fundamentalist beliefs, that's simply wrong. The author's typical pattern seems to be to find something he doesn't like about Christians or Christianity, write his thoughts on why Christians and Christianity are wrong, and then not make an exceptionally good argument. In the thought I linked above, he castigates Christians because an apparently deranged homeless woman lied to him, then claimed that she wasn't lying because she was a Christian. News for you, buddy: not all who cry "Lord, Lord" will be recognized by God. When I was up in Chester, some guy asked me for spare change. I randomly asked him if he attended chuch, and, after he said he did, asked which one. He pointed directly across the street and said "that one!" I may be gullible, but I'm not stupid.

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