Friday, January 30, 2004


Quick question: not to be judgemental or anything, and assuming that the story is true, is Marcus Vick the dumbest human being alive?

That sound you just heard was the collective "oh [no]!" of Hokie Nation. It was probably very closely followed by a sigh of relief from our starting and third-string quarterbacks.

Everyone here who had heard the news was talking about it, but, interestingly enough, no one was really shocked. Michael Vick had a reputation for being, ahem, a ladies' man, and the word is that his brother is just as bad. Basically, the mood was "Did you read the CT today? Marcus is really a dumb[butt]."

Basically, in case you haven't read the article yet, Marcus Vick, brother to the legendary St. Michael Vick of Blacksburg, was accused by two girls (aged 14 and 15) of having sex with their 15-year-old friend after plying all three of them with alcohol at his apartment. Yes, I know that as a redshirt Sophomore, he's probably 19 years old and has no business having alcohol (he doesn't really have any business having his own apartment, an Escalade, or many other things, but I'm not going to begrudge him gifts from his family).

Let me put it this way: if you were the heir-presumptive to the throne of Hokie Starting Quarterback, were likely to be drafted into the NFL for millions of dollars so long as you weren't absolutely terrible, and probably had dozens of girls of legal age on campus who'd love to sleep with you, would you have drunken sex with a 15-year-old? For that matter, unless it was your sibling, cousin, or family friend, would you be hanging out with someone that young at all? This girl is probably a Freshman or Sophomore in high school. Compare and contrast: Bryan Randall is a member of Athletes in Action (I'm told he's President), has to deal with being viewed as a squatter in the Inter-Vick Era, and by all reports has been extremely mature and responsible in helping Marcus Vick when it appeared that Randall would be benched.

Personally, I feel sorry for Marcus. I hope he didn't do it, and if he did, I hope he repents. I mean, to have done something so incredibly stupid, you need pity more than scorn. Sheesh.

DOUBLE UPDATE: My friend Emily contends that Michael Jackson has the crown for dumbest man alive. I have a hard time arguing with that. Also, I've been informed by a friend with contacts that Vick, Mike Imoh (kick returner and possible starting RB next year), and another guy I didn't recognize were kicked off the team today. Wow.

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