Saturday, January 10, 2004


An occasional theme here is how much I hate it when women are taken advantage of. Let's face it: a lot of guys are jerks most of the time, and even nice guys have occasional flashes of jerk. And the sad thing, I think, is that guys don't even have to do the work when it comes to abusing women. All the supposed victories of the sexual revolution have come from women, and at the expense of women. Instead of "Curses! Now women have equal rights!" the response from men (at least the abusers) is more typically "Sweet!" Let's take a few examples.

Women: "I will no longer be bound by wearing a bra!"
Men: "Sweet, why did we come up with those things in the first place?"

Women: "I will no longer be forced to live chastely! I will have sex with as many men as I like!"
Men: "Sweet, now I don't have to try so hard or wait so long."

Women: "I demand that you stop paying for dates, holding the door, and buying me flowers and candy!"
Men: "Sweet, more money for me."

Women: "I demand the ability to have an abortion whenever I choose!"
Men: "Sweet, sex without consequences."

There's a reason that there's starting to be a backlash against Women's Lib. Girls have given up their right to dignity so that a few insecure women will give them affirmation. What guy would respect a girl who doesn't even demand that the guy make sacrifices? Girls have a lot more to lose, and yet many seem intent on risking everything for some affection. Have girls been starved of affection to such an extent that they'll trade anything for it? Maybe. I don't doubt that divorce and absent fathers play a role. I also don't doubt that the media, which often focuses on girls who crave attention, plays a role by encouraging girls to look up to women who are deeply troubled. Girls have hardly any role models. TV and movies say what's cool and rarely show consequences. Our culture is sick, and needs healing.

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