Saturday, January 03, 2004

How to Lose an Argument

The following is a paraphrase of a discussion my dad had many years ago with a colleague. After hearing what his co-worker had to say, my dad basically realized that there was no possible answer. FYI, my dad is a Lutheran and his co-worker was a Baptist.

Co-worker: "The Catholic Church has never done a good thing. If not for Protestants Christianity would've died."
My dad: "Well...I don't know. I mean, they've done some pretty good things before..."
Co-worker: "I don't believe that for a second. They are a plague on true Christians."
My dad: "Yes, but they were the first Christians. They've got almost two thousand years of experience!"
Co-worker: "They weren't the first Christians."
My dad: [startled] "What do you mean? Who was the first Christian, then?"
Co-worker: "John the Baptist."

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