Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Slippery Slope Argument

That's right, it's lately been All Gayness, All the Time here at HokiePundit. For those who believe homosexuals have a right to marry, I have questions for you.

1. If it is okay for two men or two women to marry, then why not three men or three women? Other than the "one of each" idea, what would limit marriage to two people?
2. If two unrelated men can marry, then why not two men who are first cousins or even brothers? The argument against incest is that it leads to genetic problems, but this is obviously not a problem faced by two men or two women, so what is to prevent even a father and son from marrying?
3. If it is legal for a man to have many girlfriends and sleep with all of them, so long as he supports them, why is it illegal for him to have many wives?
4. Would you agree that if marriage is not allowable, then sex outside of marriage is also unacceptable? If sexual activity outside of marriage is also banned, then homosexuality is reduced to two guys or girls hanging out with each other, which doesn't really present a problem, right?
5. If you're a Christian, why is homosexuality okay although alcoholism and fornication are not? If you say all three are okay, what is your source for contradicting the Bible? If you say that it is the Holy Spirit, then do you believe that the Holy Spirit regularly nullifies portions of scripture? Do you believe that Christ's death was the final sacrifice necessary, and that nothing further needs to be done on God's part to bring about our Salvation?
6. One argument for homosexual marriage is that people were born with certain urges, and it would be wrong to deny them the ability to act on these orientations. For what other orientations would you apply this reasoning? For which would you deny the ability to act? Why?

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