Sunday, December 21, 2003

Even the Demons Believe, and Tremble

Perhaps a sign of hope is that those who argue for evil are never content to simply say "yeah, so what?" but instead try and couch vice as virtue. Favorite line: "Marrying somebody without knowing whether they behave in a good or evil manner in bed is like marrying somebody without knowing what their favorite book is, or what their religion is, without knowing what they think constitutes moral virtue."

I mean, come on! Is it really that hard to actually talk to a girl and get to know her without having to sleep with her? Call me crazy, but I would think that the best way to find out a person's favorite book is not to raid their bookcase and read their diary, and the best way to find out someone's religion is not to stalk them and find out which (if any) church they attend and how often they pray. Heck, if you can't even find out a person's religion, you probably have no business dating in the first place.

What it comes down to is this: most people would like to have sex and other forms of physical intimacy. However, instead of taking the time to lay down a non-physical foundation upon which a relationship can be built, with physical relations added on later as a supporting stone (not the key- or capstone), we're afraid that we're going to miss out. We get desperate, panic, and give in. For all their sophistry, arguments such as the one the author of the linked piece makes simply sound to me like Lady Macbeth, protesting too much.

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