Sunday, November 02, 2003

You Will Notice That We Haven't Set Our Town on Fire

Yes, your Virginia Tech Hokies defeated the #2-ranked Miami Hurricanes 31-7 today on Worsham Field in Lane Stadium. After a few series of each side trading punts, our defense finally cracked it open when DeAngelo Hall stripped the ball from the Miami RB and took it for a score. Then Miami tried a kick...which was blocked. Actually, that may have happened first, but I don't remember. They also had a fake kick which should've been a sure touchdown, except their receiver inexplicably dropped the ball. Yeah he did. After that, it was essentially each side trading punts, with occasional Hokie scores and a general sense of "bend but don't break." Lane Stadium was loud.

Near the end, the Miami players were clearly frustrated, and started doing things like late hits and blatant fouls (Kellen Winslow elbowed one of our DBs in the face; the DB was stupid enough to hit back -harder- and got caught). For the last few minutes, it seemed as though every play had two or three yellow handkerchiefs flying by the end of it. DeAngelo Hall and a Miami player were both ejected, which is bad, since he's our top DB and returner. At about six minutes before the end, I noticed an ESPN crew removing the camera from the goalposts. "I wonder why...oh." Our band director had us move into the middle of our section so we wouldn't get trampled, and a few of us who were big guys set up a bit of a perimeter around the band, pointing out the stairs to people and generally keeping them away from the instruments.

I noticed several things at this game. First, it seemed as though whenever a Miami player caught a ball, he ended up paying for it by getting levelled or slammed into the ground. I also noticed that our town doesn't appear to be in danger of being burned in celebration (Main Street is temporarily closed right now, though, as people have mobbed Downtown). However, our fans appear to be declining in quality as time goes on. There were an awful lot of "Muck Fiami" shirts, and plenty that were, um, similar to those. There were also chants of "**** Miami," which is pretty trashy, and "Overrated," which was a stupid cheer because WVU and Pitt have used that cheer against us for the past two years. Still, we did beat Miami while I was here, which was something I really wanted. Now, if we can break even with Pitt for my college career and shut out UVA, I'll be thrilled.

Bring on the Panthers!

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