Monday, November 10, 2003

The Pitts

As part of being in the Marching Virginians, I get to go to away games (for free, with financial compensation, on the taxpayer's dime...this must be what it's like to be a Democrat). This weekend we travelled to Pitt, then ranked #19. We lost a very close game 28-31 in the last minute. There were some calls I thought questionable, but since there may have been other things not called, it's not a big deal. We just couldn't get it done.
The Pitt fans this time were a lot better than last time, though still not the brightest lights on the porch. There were shirts that said "What the #%*!'s a Hokey," prompting the band to shout in unison "H-O-K-I-E." Once again, the anti-VT cheer of "A-C-C!" made an appearance, followed by Pitt fans being utterly confused when we started chanting it ourselves. There was, of course, the usual flicking off and profanity aimed at us, the band. Some of us have decided that next time someone yells a stupid cheer at us (we honestly appreciate and applaud clever ones), we're just going to yell back "Your mom is hot!" to see how they respond. We're big on doing the unexpected, I think. Luckily for us, we were afforded several opportunities for being confusing. When our team is getting ready to come out, the stadium plays Enter Sandman by Metallica, accompanied by virtually the entire stadium jumping up and down (on metal bleachers, it's pretty darn loud). Pitt played some song no one had ever heard before, but which sounded suspiciously old. The MVs, being jerks irreverent, responded by doing disco moves. We then got people upset at us by not paying attention when they sang their alma mater, confusing us. I mean, we never play or sing our alma mater, so how should we know we're expected to be quiet (not that we would've been)? At halftime, we proceeded to utterly confuse their fans by having everyone stop and dance during the drum break. I suppose they're not used to the "White Boy," "Sprinkler," "Lawnmower," "Running Man," "Burro," and "Butt" up there. They did cheer the dance, though.

The trip itself was pretty decent. I sat with my friend Chris, in front of Stefie and Leslie, and across from Emily and Miles. As usual, we used masking tape to write things on the windows of our bus that would be visible from the outside. Slogans this year were "MV Horns," "My Horn is Too Big," "All Y'all's Base Are Belong To Us (we're from the South, darlin'), and "It's Okay, We're With the Band." Yes, we're dorks, but we still enjoyed seeing people try to read the messages and completely fail to understand them. Of course, perhaps the highlight of the trip was watching SportsCenter after the game and seeing this clip of Kellen Winslow where he rips the SEC refs, whines, and compares himself to a soldier and football to war. My favorite part was right after he says "You can take that and put it in your papers and make money off it," you hear one reporter say "oh, we will!"

All-in-all, a fun trip. Next up: Temple. Sorry Owls.

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