Monday, November 24, 2003

Hell, Hell, Hell, Hell, Hell, Hell, Hell.

In my wisdom, I think y'all've heard enough about sex. Thus, it's time for some Hell!

Michael Williams responds to a Dean Esmay post on why he is an apatheist. Williams presents a very good case; one that is worth your time to read. Essentially, his argument is that Hell is the state of human independence from God. If we seek to be like God and surrender our will to Him, then we end up being in God's presence, which is Heaven. If we decide to make our own decisions and ignore God, then we are in a place away from God, which is Hell. When I sin, I'm putting my will ahead of God's, and you'd better believe that there's some weeping and gnashing of teeth when I realize that I've voluntarily separated myself from God, if only briefly. Similarly, I don't think angels and the Saints in Heaven laugh when they think of those in Hell, but simply understand that everyone has gotten to the place they've indicated they prefer.

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