Monday, November 24, 2003

Free Song of the Day

"Mr. Wright by Liberator, from the album "Worldwide Delivery"

"Living isn't easy today
When everything's empty around you
Will there be someone waiting for me?
Will I be disproven when I go?"

Liberator is a Swedish band with a very hard-to-classify ska sound. This song sounds more like first-wave ska (think reggae with horns), but again, it was made long after the end of the first wave (Jamaican ska). I can't find any lyrics online, so I'm not entirely sure what most of the lyrics to the song are. This is bad, since the song itself is confusing, and being able to see exactly what they're saying would help a lot. Basically, the song is either a proclamation of agnosticism or a humble plea for God to reveal himself. I honestly don't know which it is. The song itself is excellent. I love the tinny sound of the British-accented singer, the fat horn sound, and the general bounciness of the thing. This would be a great song for dancing, I think.

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