Friday, October 10, 2003


While I'm ashamed to admit it, my policy until pretty recently towards homosexuality was that so long as they didn't mess with my family or friends, what they did was their own business. Of course, that's not a very love-thy-neighbor attitude, to say nothing of spreading God's word. However, the gay agenda has manifested itself too close to home, in the ongoing spat in the Episcopal Church. Church is family. Forgive my drama, but they're trying to rape the Bride of Christ. I will not tolerate that.

Is homosexuality a sin? Without question, the practice of it is sinful. As for the orientation, that's more of an open question. If it's purely genetic, then struggling with it is not far from being heroic. However, if it's in any part due to feelings of inadequacy, isolation, anger, or anything else, then the orientation itself is a sin. Given that practicing homosexuals, with therapy, can become heterosexuals, there is at least some truth to the latter argument.

Now, I know homosexuals, and in many ways, each one of them is a good person. I also know alcoholics who can be very good. I know people who cheat on their girlfriends, drug users, thieves, and many others who can be good people. However, that doesn't mean that their sinful action is okay. What is needed is love and correction, rather than defensiveness and fear of confrontation.

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