Thursday, October 23, 2003


WVU fans continue to show why they're often considered the classiest in college sports.

Seriously, what kind of people burn their own town after a win? Perhaps the same kind who throw rocks and cops and paramedics, batteries at the visiting team and their band, pee on visiting fans, and who can't utter a coherent sentence. Err...utter a coherent sentence without cussing, I mean. No idea how I could've forgotten to add the second part...

Yes, our team lost. I was there. We played, um, badly. The highlights for our team were Vinnie Burns' first two punts, of roughly 65 and 70 yards. Absolutely nothing else stands out. So, we lost.

Their fans, either with an inferiority complex or just out of sheer bass-ackwardness, must've really needed catharsis. I don't mind losing so much, especially if it means people will release their aggressions by shouting rather than abusing their girlfriend, doing drugs, or whatever a person does that isn't healthy. You win some, you lose some. However, not only were their fans truly hostile, but they weren't even witty. Walking into the stadium, wearing an orange t-shirt over a maroon sweatshirt, someone yelled out "Stupid color, you'll scare away all the deer wearing that orange. $#^#$" I didn't deign to look at the person. Later on were chants of "A-C-C!" Brilliant. That's right, we are going to the ACC. We are also going to a bowl game. You are staying in the soon-to-be-Big LEast and will be staying home come January. Enjoy setting your town on fire again after the game.

Also, upon returning to our car, we found that all the vehicles parked around us had a copy of a Klan newsletter stuck under their windshield wipers. I didn't read it, since I was driving, but the headlines were along the lines of "Foolish Interracial Marriage Ends in Tragedy" and "Homo Jews Wed in Canada." At Tech, the closest thing to this is the New River Free Press rag put out by the New River Valley Greens and left around campus. I don't think my life would be incomplete if I never returned to Morgantown again.

The road trip to Morgantown was fun, though, going with my friends Will and Andrew and Andrew's friend Nat. We talked politics, listened to ska, and generally had a good time. We wisely wore neutral colors until we got to the game, which provided for interesting conversation with people in gas stations.

"You headed to the game?"
"Where y'all comin' from?"
"Just a little ways from Bluefield [a WV town fairly near the border]"
"I sure hope our boys win."
"Yep, I hope our guys win, too."
"It was a pretty tight game last year, you know."
"Yeah, but we should be ready for them this year."
"Y'all have fun! Go 'Eers! [Mountaineers]

It also provided the best quote of the trip, from a gas station cashier: "I'm busier than a one-legged man in a [butt]-kicking contest!"

Oh well, there's always Temple and UVA to kick around.

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