Monday, September 08, 2003


I'll be on hiatus for a while; probably until after the Plano and Lambeth conferences. Right now, I'm just not feeling especially vocal, despite the intensity of my views on many things going on at present. I apologize, but the stunning heterodoxy of my church (yes, I know I should've seen it coming, but I like to think that I'm an optimist) has simply knocked the wind out of me. As I've never really had a pastor, the idea of not having a denomination, either, has hit me pretty hard. I've been reading a lot of Blithering Idiot and the Midwest Conservative Journal lately for Anglican views, along many other outstanding blogs, mostly on the list to the left. I'm currently applying to be a missionary with World Impact in Chester, am co-leading a Bible Study and a prayer group, am taking fifteen credit hours, and am working on applications for grad schools. I'm busy right now, but you can still find me in the Comments of other blogs, and I'm sure I'll be back posting before long. Right now, though, my heart's really just not into it, and I know that it's because of my denomination.

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