Sunday, June 29, 2003

Sudden Theology!

I think that would make a good name for a rock band. "That's right, the new album from Sudden Theology, 'I'll do things YHWH,' is now in stores!"

Actually, that's off-topic (I'm good: before I even start, I've meandered, kind of like that Tech basketball game where we were assessed a technical foul during warm-ups for dunking, meaning that before tip-off, we had points scored against us). The topic I meant to cover was that after I drop off my stuff in Chester, I'm going on a campus tour of Philadelphia Biblical University, where I might consider getting teacher certification or even a Master's degree. In preparation for this, I looked at their Doctrinal Statement from the application, checking to see if we disagreed on anything. Of course, being Anglican, I was pretty sure that there would be at least a few minor disagreements, and I was right. I count six items where I either disagree or would like a clarification. The beliefs of PBU with which I'm concerned are as follows:

-#4. Original Sin: I'm going to have to examine this one more, since I'm still deciding between Calvinism and Arminism, and this would seem to deny Arminism (Free Will).
-#5. Subtitutionary sacrifice of Christ: This raises a red flag in my mind, and I can't remember why, though I'm pretty sure it had something to do with Catholicism/Orthodoxy vs. Protestantism.
-#9. Baptism: I'm unclear as to whether or not they're denying the validity of infant baptism. The relevant part of their statement reads "We believe that this experience of deliverance from sin and empowerment for service is designated in the Scriptures as the filling with the Spirit is not an experience to be sought subsequent to regeneration, but is already an accomplished fact."
-#10. Dispensationalism: I don't agree with a lot of Dispensationalism, favoring New Covenant Theology, though not in its entirety.
-#12. Rapture: There does appear to be evidence of God rapturing people, especially Enoch and Elijah and possibly St. Paul and St. John the Evangelist/Apostle/Revelator. However, this becomes problematic when combined with the next item.
-#13. Premillenialism: I don't know. It doesn't sound correct to me, but I haven't studied it enough to be sure.

Of course, the websites to which I've linked are not necessarily reliable in all areas. Just as I do not completely agree with the Catholic Encylopedia, which I link in my blogroll, it still contains a lot of good stuff. Just a warning. I also suspect that since I've got a lot of studying to do on these topics, some of my beliefs may be in conflict (for instance, it might be that you can't have infant baptism without premillenialism or something like that). This is just an exposition. In any case, I'll talk over the statement with my campus visit guide, and see what she has to say about these things.

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