Thursday, June 26, 2003

Oh Heck, I Don't Know

So apparently Virginia Tech has been offered membership into the ACC, along with the University of Miami but not including Syracuse or Boston College. I think I've gotten past the point where any of this makes much sense to me, but I'll blither on anyway, just like the professional sports writers, who have no more idea about all this than I do.

So the ACC figures to have eleven teams. Honestly, I don't think the NCAA will change the rules to allow them a title game. Thus, they need to recruit someone else. A smart idea would be to ask Syracuse, even though it's geographically inconvenient, since they've got a great basketball program and a pretty decent football program as well, in addition to making Miami more inclined to join. If they want to avoid further antagonism to the Big East, they could always try and recruit Navy, Troy State, or conceivably UConn, though only Navy would be plausible, and only because of its national following. Something unheard-of, yet geographically sound and maybe even athletically possible is Georgia Southern, a I-AA school in the Southern Conference that has been dominating Division I-AA for years. If Marshall could make the transition, so could Georgia Southern.
There are some SEC teams that look nice, but I would think that the ACC would have to be utterly insane to attack the SEC. Conference USA is more plausible, and there are a few teams in weird conferences like the Sun Belt that could fit if they were desperate.

Honestly, though, I have no idea what any of these conferences would or should do, or how this will affect Virginia Tech. I doubt anyone else does, either.

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