Thursday, June 12, 2003

Happy Birthday to Me

As of yesterday, I am now 21. I would've celebrated by having a Corona with my fajitas yesterday, but my sisters were there and I don't like the idea of drinking in front of people who can't or shouldn't (there's something in one of Paul's epistles on that subject, though I'm too rusty to remember it offhand). In any case, I've now got a bunch of my friends down at Tech who're insisting that I do the Blacksburg Crawl now that I'm legal. None of them has ever seen me drink (there are only about a half-dozen people who attend Tech who ever have, and that was in London), and they knew that I was waiting until I turned 21. Whether or not I actually do the Crawl is as yet to be determined, but with only nine bars, I suspect that some sort of compromise arrangement can be made.

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