Sunday, June 15, 2003


Blogger Pro is all...different...than it was before! I'm scared; somebody hold me!

Actually, I do wonder how much time I've got left on Pro. It's been okay, but not stellar. I definitely don't think I'd pay to renew it. I'm not moving to Movable Type or anything like that, either. It might be nice, but I don't blog enough to make it worth it, and it would have to be worth a fair amount to me, since I'm trying to save money in anticipation of teaching at the school in Chester. I have to raise my own money from people willing to support me for that, and so Blogger Pro and Movable Type aren't currently especially high on my list of things to get.

I don't think I'm actually going to do the Blacksburg Crawl, or at least not as it's usually done, with the crawler being obligated to drink whatever's put in front of him. There are nine bars. I have certain friends who would help me out by going with only one drink per bar. Nine drinks in three hours, while it will obviously be impairing, isn't terrible. We'll see about that. I do appreciate the comments in response, both wishing me a happy birthday and encouraging to think over going on the crawl.

I went Swing dancing with some friends from school yesterday evening, which was a lot of fun. I'd never really done Swing before, so I wasn't exactly tearing up the floor. They taught me basic East Coast style, with about four moves. It's probably enough to be able to not look hopeless, yet not enough to actually do much with someone who isn't also a novice. Still, it's a lot of fun, and I think I'll work on learning some more. The main trouble for me was that while the music is in four, the dancing is in six. To someone trained in music and with seven years of marching band experience, there's a bit of unlearning required. We somehow ended up with five guys and five girls; a Tech alumnus with his fiancee, three Tech girls, the friend of a Tech girl, another Tech alumnus, two Tech guys, and a friend of the second Tech alumnus. I paired off with the friend of one of the girls; her name was Suzanne and she'll be a teacher at a local Christian elementary school next year. Neither of us had done Swing before, and while I caught on very slowly-yet-surely, she was all over it. By the end of the evening, some of our guys had even taught her Lindy Hop, which is a more complicated type of Swing.

We were taught that in dancing, the number one rule is that if a mistake was made, that it's the guy's fault (and that this is therefore good practice for life and being married). Perhaps more usefully, we were taught that if you need a moment to think and don't want to just do the basic step, you can twirl your partner for as long as you need to think, provided she doesn't quit and smack you. Again, there's probably a life lesson in there somewhere. I was wondering how I'd practice the things I'd learned until it dawned on me that I've got three sisters, all fairly tall for being girls, so I should be set.

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