Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Being a Stud

In the past, I've mentioned that so-and-so is a "stud for Christ," or sometimes simply a "stud." What do I mean? Well, the best place to start is with the all-purpose definition of any kind of stud supplied by my friend Jeet: girls want him, guys want to be like him. Obviously, there are sexual studs. Christian studs, however, are those Godly men who aren't ashamed of their faith and who trust in God. They're willing to help others in need and are not to proud to ask for help when they need it themselves. Through the Navigators ministry, the World Impact ministry, and various blogs, I'm privileged to know several of these studs. There is, of course, a corresponding term for Godly women, but the Navigator men have noticed that they don't like it very much, and so we don't mention it in their presence (side question to the ladies: what would be an acceptable term for the female version of a stud?). In any case, I encourage the studs for Christ to keep up their efforts, and encourage those not yet to the level of studliness (such as yours truly) to step it up.

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