Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Food Fight!

There's a bit of a fracas over at Clubbeaux (scroll up, down, and all-around). Atheists are ticked, Christians are bewildered and ticked, threats of de-linking are flying, "big names" are weighing in and generally not showing much compassion, etc. I've got a few comments here and there on a few of his posts. Make of this what you will.

UPDATE: Joyful Christian has some thoughts on the Christian response.

FURTHER UPDATE: Clubbeaux has apologized for some of the things he's said. I wonder if anyone else will.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Raving Atheist says that this is part of a plot that he and Jody Wheeler cooked up. Bigwig, of the not-linked-enough-by-me Silflay Hraka, wants some proof. I'm pretty sure that Bigwig is atheist or agnostic, but he's not an MRA, and I trust him to be impartial and fair on this. If the plot is legit, then RA and Jody are just sad individuals. If it's not, then I really hope that the hraka hits the fan.

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