Saturday, May 03, 2003


Today I found out that a friend of our family, Mr. Ed Curenton, died a few weeks ago. He had played French horn in the US Army band, and also had a job repairing instruments and teaching lessons. He wasn't my teacher, but he did repair my instrument numerous times, on very generous terms. Every time I was over at his house, he was extraordinarily nice to me, even though I was just some kid. He had a loving wife and several children, all of them musical prodigies. The eldest played flute, and often gave things like backstage passes to her concerts at the Kennedy Center to my sister Christine, who also plays flute, and my mom. Everyone in their family was very kind to other people, even though it benefitted them nothing (at least in this world). I don't know if he was a Christian or not. I do know that he was one of the kindest men I've ever known, and has done an excellent job of raising his kids. He died of cancer, and he still has two boys in high school. I prayed that he would get well, or at least that his family would be taken care of if his recovery wasn't possible, every night for three solid months. He will be very greatly missed.

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