Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Just a Plug While I Procrastinate on a Paper

In case you haven't visited him, Charles Murtaugh is a very thoughtful and reasonable liberal. I don't agree with him on a lot of issues, but it's nice when you see that he calls out the people on the Left as well as those on the Right. He's been posting a lot on Creationism vs. Evolution[ism] lately, and I would attempt a rebuttal except that I'm a little rusty on my apologetics and zoology right now, having instead crammed in the history of England from 1688-1933, the history of Russia from 1703-1900, Marcus Aurelius, thoughts on baptism, arguments on Iraq, and the three main methods of regime change and their associated virtues and pitfalls. I've got a paper due and a test today, a concert tomorrow, another test on Thursday, a friend's baptism on Sunday, and a book report due next Tuesday, along with various final papers and exams soon. Still, I intend to return to my theological studies soon, and then it'll be time to break out that 20oz. bottle of [donkey]-whoopin' and twist off the cap in such a way as to not spill it all over my hand and new class ring.

Speaking of which, having maple syrup residue on my ring from a breakfast mishap is getting on my nerves. It's mostly off, but now I've got soap residue in the crevices. Meanwhile, children are starving in Bangladesh. I know I've got it good, and I think that when having a sticky ring is one of my biggest problems, I ought to simply get down on my knees and be thankful.

Man, it's amazing where posts can end up if let them...

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