Saturday, April 12, 2003


Inspired by Louder Fenn's idea, this will henceforth be a "Thursday Blog." This means that if you come here on a Thursday, there will definitely be new content. There may be some earlier, but not necessarily (offer suspended if I don't have computer access for a week). Blogging takes a fair amount of time, but perhaps the idea of having a deadline is a good one. Also, instead of having to search most blogs I visit daily, I can just look, see that it's Monday, and thus Louder Fenn, Blog X, Blog Y, and Blog Z have all been updated. I'd encourage anyone who visits to try the same thing. I'll begin readjusting the blogroll to reflect blogs which have declared a day, and I'll try to adjust the bar on the top of the browser to say "HokiePundit: a Thursday Blog," though with my knowledge of HTML, the latter may not happen. In any case, I'm tentatively back, after a nice hiatus.

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