Sunday, April 27, 2003

And Then There Was One...

And once again, I'm left as the sole remaining non-drinker in the horn section. Let me clarify. All of the other horns who aren't legally able to drink do so, and all of the ones who are legal drink in front of those who aren't. Before it sounds like I'm trying to act high and mighty, let me say that not only have I drank and even been drunk before (it was in England, so I was legal, but that's no excuse), but I've helped other people drink by either acting as though I was fine with it or even by actively helping. I'm not sinless. Furthermore, I don't condemn all drinking. I do think that Christians should not get drunk (or help others do so), should wait until they're of legal age to drink before drinking, and should not drink in the presence of those who should not be, such as the underaged and problem drinkers.

I would say that I don't know why people drink, but that's not true. A beer or two can provide a nice buzz, and help you relax after a lot of stress. People also drink to be popular, and because getting flat-out drunk can be cathartic. Catharsis isn't a justification, but merely a reason. I'm not listing here people who get drunk so they can try and take advantage of other people by getting them drunk or by deliberately lowering their own inhibitions.

A lack of self-esteem is one of the biggest reasons, and I think it's getting to be extremely prevalent in America. On the other hand, loneliness may well be the way human life has been since we first walked the planet, and I'm just noticing it now. I have noticed, however, that those with very strong faith don't need the self-assurance provided by alcohol, as they know where they stand. It may be a sign of my own spiritual state that I do often feel lonely. I'm also not entirely sure why I don't drink. I think it's because it's illegal for me for about two more months. I don't completely understand it, and no else who knows my reason understands it either, though they all say that they respect it. In fact, a lot of people have told me that they respect me for not drinking. In each of the several times where I've been weak and decided that I wanted to drink (I'm excluding Britain and Europe, where I was legal), something always came up at the last second that prevented me. I attribute this to God's grace. In any case, I'm off on a tangent, as important as it may be.

I don't really know what I'm trying to say. It hurts me to see so many of my friends making fools of themselves just for fleeting popularity. I make a fool of myself enough as it is; I don't need alcohol to help me with it. I just wish my Christian friends would consider whether getting drunk is a good way of honoring God and being a light to others.

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