Sunday, February 09, 2003

Saturday Night Live?

Wow. I saw SNL last night/this morning and was just generally pretty confused. I tuned in a little late, and so the first sketch I saw was of an anti-war protest led by Matthew McConaughey that kept degenerating into that which Leftist protests generally do. If I remember correctly, the very next item was a piece by the Dixie Chicks, which I think was about having a boyfriend or husband who was off at war and how his girlfriend or wife supported him. Later, we had a European music show, which was quite possibly better than the originals, where everyone kept making anti-America comments and then saying how much the liked specific American songs. The highlight of this was a song by one singer played by McConaughey who said his song was written because he opposed Bush invading Iraq, with the entire song basically being "," Later, we had another Dixie Chicks song where one line was "praise the Lord and pass the ammunition," a quote supposedly said by a minister manning an anti-aircraft gun during the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Now, I know that SNL has, um, slipped in recent years. There have been whole episodes where I haven't laughed once. Gone are the days of Samurai Chef, Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood, and now Celebrity Jeopardy. We are left with Mango and TV Funhouse. Weekend News, which I considered to have gone seriously downhill with Dennis Miller, Norm MacDonald, and Colin whatsisname has now apparently (hopefully) hit bottom. Thus, I wasn't sure if this was actual support for an intervention in Iraq or if they were trying to somehow oppose it by trying to make it look stupid and failing miserably. Luckily, it seems that it was the former. I suppose having a Pop-Country band like the Dixie Chicks and an openly religious Matthew McConaughey as the guest should've tipped me off, but I'm sometimes a little dense.

UPDATE: InstaPundit has more.

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