Sunday, February 09, 2003

"Putting the UN in Unilateralism"

A new feature here is the "Honor Roll," to the left above the links, of countries who support the overthrow of the Ba'athist regime in Iraq. Most of the European countries signed either the "Gang of Eight" or Vilnius Group letters, while the Netherlands have agreed to send one of their four Patriot missile batteries to Turkey and the Irish have offered to let us use Shannon AFB for refueling and such (a fairly major offer, as Ireland is nominally neutral). Australia is, well, Australia, and so nothing more really needs to be said. Turkey, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain have all agreed to let us use their territory for staging an attack on Iraq. Look for Norway and possibly Finland to join the Honor Roll in due time, as well. If I've left anyone off, I apologize, and ask that they be listed in the Comments section of this post.

My thanks go to these countries. We remember both our friends and those whom have betrayed us.

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